The National Union of Students of the Philippines denounces the brutal attack of UP student leader Lordei Hina, secretary general of the Center for Nationalist Studies (CNS) and a member of the Student Alliance for the Advancement of Democratic Rights in UP (STAND UP), last February 1, 2012, at Vinzons Hall, UP Diliman. We fervently pray and wish for her speedy recovery.

One of the perpetrators of the crime, Mr. Danmar Vicencio, has been accosted by police forces, while the other accomplices remain at large. Lordei sustained brain injuries via an ice pick that damaged her left and right temples. The police recommended that frustrated murder should be charged to Vicencio, thus, it is by far frustrating that the fiscal downgraded the charges to serious physical injuries. The severity of the damage caused by the attack is unimaginable. Thus it is only imperative to seek justice for Lordei: charge the perpetrators with frustrated murder and immediately arrest and charge the other culprits.

As a nationalist student leader, Lordei has been at the forefront of the struggle for the advancement of student rights and welfare, foremost of which is the campaign against budget slashes in the education, health and social services sector. Social justice is not an idea alien to Lordei. We have seen her lead and participate in the fight against tuition and other fees increase, urban poor demolition, and oil price hikes, human rights violations, and others.

During the past years, UP saw how Lordei intensely fought for an increase of state subsidy for UP, education and social services. The cuts have been consistent as evidenced by slashes in the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses, and corollary to this, the budget for the university’s security. The government has been nothing but inutile and has been a perennial advocate of budget cuts to state universities and colleges. Such cuts undermine not only the quality of education but also the security of campuses and offices.

It is crucial to push for greater state subsidy, not only to UP and the education sector, but to other basic social services, in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment. Let not this incident pass off as another figure in the already long list of victims of government’s abandonment of education.


The government should be shaken and the Filipino students and people should be no less than vigilant in its struggle for just budgets and for justice for Lordei Hina!


Justice for Lordei Hina!

Charge Danmar Vicencio with frustrated murder and arrest the other culprits!

Fight for greater state subsidy for UP, education and social services!


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