Facts, Points and Arguments re PNU 5-year Ladderized TOFI

Posted: September 24, 2011 in TOFI
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ni: Julie Corr

The 5-year ladderized tuition increase proposal
Proposed year of implementation: 2008-2013

• The 5-year ladderized tuition increase was proposed last AY 2006-2007. But it was not implemented due to numerous student mobilizations and protests.
• The program was approved by the BOR way back AY 2006-2007 and not by the present BOR.
• The program was blocked by several anti-TOFI campaigns last AY 2006-2007. Why should it be implemented in the upcoming semester if in the first place it was not employed in its proposed year of execution? Why are their efforts to revive the close-to-dead proposal?
• The resurrected program has its new proposal covering 2008-2013, again, with a 5-year Academic Year timeline.
• Tuition fee increases Php10.00 per year in this program. The first year of its execution marked a whooping Php75.00 increase from Php35.00/ unit making it Php100 per academic unit.
• Note that the table (see image) only illustrated the course encompassing 21 units. This means that the proposal only qualifies for the freshmen. How much more for the higher years who have 25-30 academic units?
• Prof. Diony Varela, the Faculty Regent himself knows nothing about the proposal. Even the present member of the highest policy making body is unfamiliar to this program.
• Incoming freshmen experienced the not consulted increase 1st semester of the AY 2008-2009. It was credited 2nd semester of the same AY. Again, this is due to the overt student protests, with the suggestion of CHED and PGMA for all SUCs not to increase tuition.
• Registration, Athletics, Medical/Dental, Cultural and Library Fee increases every two years. Until now the Administration has not released any accounts when and where these fees are spent.
• It’s clear though that students do not need dental consultation every semester. Even athletics and cultural orientations do not concern the majority of the student population. Why is there a need to increase these fees?
• Why is there a need to pay registration fee if in the first place you’ll be considered a bona fide student upon enrollment? More so, what’s the point of increasing the registration fee?
• *Student-concern-fees do not increase in this program (i.e. Torch, Insurance, University ID, SG Fee, and Student Handbook). If this program is for the students per se, why did it not improve nor include the students’ concerns?
• Why is there a need to pay Insurance fee inside the center of excellence in teacher education? Is the PNU hazardous for students? Is it an accident prone area? Who among the PNUans has benefited from this insurance?
• Note that the increase done in the University ID from Php75 to Php150 is not again consulted. It was just implemented as is, although, until now the ambitious projection of the Administration of a computerized ID system was not put into realization even if they have already mandated the students to pay Php150 for the “new” ID.
• Unluckily, the table has not yet included fees such as Laboratory and the NSTP fee.
• After the ROTC abolishment, the PNU Administration had been collecting Php100.00 per unit for the NSTP fee (now, it comprises 3 academic units).Not until the efforts of the STAND-PNU questioning the legality of this collection. Nevertheless, the sophomores last AY 2008-2009 received the Php247.00 as a refund for the illegal collection of the NSTP. Further, this act of the PNU Admin should be questioned continuously for, since then, it was deemed illegal and unconstitutional.
• Late enrollment fee will also increase from Php100.00 to Php200.00 upon the approval of this program. The PNU Admin has not made any studies why some students opt to enroll behind schedule. Why is there a need to increase the late enrollment fee if there are evident numbers of late enrollees just with the Php1,500 bracket of tuition?
• In these times of global financial crises, the implementation of this program is inhumane and appalling.
• By 2013, future PNUans need to pay the amount of more or less Php5, 000 to pursue their dream of teaching.


PNUans, it is now high time to again, stop any form of tuition and other fees increases! The government should be the one to allocate funds for our institution. The 5-year ladderized tuition increase is not and will never be timely for us, Iskolar ng Bayan! Education should be a right, not a privilege!







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