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Teachers currently receive P700 a year as chalk allowance, roughly a subsidy of P3.50 per school day, to purchase chalk and other supplies for their classes. The Alliance of Concerned Teachers has been pushing to raise the annual allowance to P2,000 or some P9.85 per day. This increase would require a total P1 billion budget as allowance for some 500,000 public school teachers, almost three times the current chalk fund of P350,000.

“The Department of Education could increase public school teachers’ annual chalk allowance if granted a higher budget for 2012,” Education Secretary Armin Luistro has said. “Of course, we will increase the chalk allowance if we are granted an increase in the budget,” Luistro said when asked about calls to raise the annual subsidy

“To underscore the demand for an increase in chalk allowance for teachers, the officers and members of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers have initiated September 16,2011 as NATIONAL CHALK HOLIDAY,” Mr. Benjie Valbuena, Vice-Chairperson of ACT said.

“We will teach our students that day but we will not use chalks to emphasize our demand,” Mr. Benjie Valbuena continued.

“It’s about time that a component of our campaign called ACT NOW for Greater Education Budget must be included in the national budget,” he further said, ”We have also scheduled troopings of teacher leaders from the different municipalities of the National Capital Region to the House of Representatives to lobby for this purpose during the remaining days of the budget deliberation.”

“Our other demands in our campaign “ACT NOW for Greater Education Budget” is as follows,” Ms France Castro, ACT Secretary General emphasized.

1) Regularization of all Volunteer /Contractual Teachers!

2) 100,000 New Permanent Teacher Items!

3) Salary Grade 15 for Teacher 1! Salary Grade 16 for Instructor 1in the State Colleges

and Universities! P6,000 Increase in Base Pay of non-teaching personnel!

4) Increase Chalk Allowance to P2,000!

5) Increase Base Productivity Pay to P5,000!

6) Increase Clothing Allowance to P6,000

7) P91.5 Billion for Classroom Shortage & Other School Facilities!

8) Adequate Budget for Universal Kindergarten program!

9) Greater State Subsidy for PNU (Philippine Normal University ) and All SUCs (State

Universities & Colleges)!

10) 100% Increase in MOOE in All Levels of Education!

B. Review & Draft New Education Program & Curriculum that is Nationalist, Scientific &

Mass Oriented!

C. Scrap Debt Service Automatic Appropriation! Moratorium on Debt Payments!

Rechannel Debt Service, PPP & CCT Budget to Education, Health & Social Services!

“President Noynoy Aquino must give substance to the forthcoming World Teachers Day

on October 5. We challenge him to find ways of investing more in the country’s teaching

force. We hope that this forthcoming World Teachers’ Day celebration, teachers will not

go home empty-handed,” Ms France Castro ended.


Reference: Mr. Benjie Valbuena, Vice-President, Cellphone No.: 09182399222, Ms. France Castro, Secretary General, Cellphone No. 09178502124

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