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A festive moment indeed it is for the PNU Community as the Freshmen ranked first among 9 state universities and colleges in the field demonstration event of the 24th State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association last January 24, 2011. The freshmen strut their stuff in the spacious open field of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines who is the host university of the season. This year’s theme

FIESTA SA PROBINSYA is an exceptional concept by both Professors Ivy Joy Capunitan and Joanna Rose Burgos who are very much grateful for the recognition that they have garnered. This year’s field demonstration also proves the fact that PNU creates dynamic moves and gives creative concepts nailing to the past the controversy that occurred last year as the university ranked second to that of Rizal Technological University who allegedly concocted their championship in that event.

Fiesta sa Probinsya : THE HEART OF THE ROUTINES

Routine movements have always been remarkable in every field demonstration of PNUans. If last year it was teacher education-related, this time PNUans gave a different taste of concept – Fiesta sa Probinsya.

Fiesta sa Probinsya is a concept utilizing the festive attitude of Filipino people gratifying the harvest they had after experiencing series of difficulties in both planting and fishing times.

This concept is fused with the steps and movements learned in the Physical Education and Health and Rhythm and Dance subjects. The routine practiced for more than a month also incorporated liftings which formed boats and fishermen searching for perfect spots to gather fish; they even had moving calesas that marked the start and the end of their performance. The bamboo containers that every individual had contained the necessary props that were used in the next routines. Hand gestures accompanied by large flowing fans resembled as flowing waters of the sea. The selected few had umbrellas which served as the wheels for the calesa. Plant-like batons again owned by few were used as growing produce from the farm. Different were are also used in the presentation. Calesa by Levi Celerio was used to signal the entrance of the whole team along with the two moving calesas while Magtanim Ay ‘Di Biro, a Filipino folk song was played along the farming scene. Another folk song depicting fishing was likewise used in the fishermen part of the routine where the fishermen in their bancas were paddling their way into the sea and a Visayan courtship song was sang by all while doing the gala part of the routine. Heightening the performance, an upbeat dance song highlighted the synchronized movements of every individual making the audience roared with praises and encouragement. Riding back in the calesa left the audience, fellow competitors and the judges awestruck and delighted with the performance. No questions, no judgements were raised because the PNU team had an original and unforgettable performance.


The winning would not be possible if not for the professors who put their sweat and hearts out for this event. Professors Ivy Joy Capunitan (also known as Ma’am Ivy) and Joanna Rose Burgos (also known as Ma’am Jei – Ar) are both proud PNUans. Both belonging to the well – esteemed faculty of the Department of Physical Education graduated with their Bachelor’s degree in the university in 2003 and earning their Master’s degree last March 2010. Their knowledge of folk dances came from their mentor, Dr. Larry Gabbao because they were once members of the widely – acclaimed PNU Kislap Sining Dance Troupe. With their scope of knowledge on routines and dances and hints of personal memoirs, no wonder that this “dynamic duo” would be the source of the praised field demonstrations delivered especially by the freshmen.

Of Sweats

Practices did not actually start as the second semester commenced. Freshmen classes under Physical Education 1 and 2 classes are put into auditions. Since changes were made in the mechanics of the contest the original number of 1300 participants downsized into an estimated 750. With that in mind, Professors Ivy and Jhei – Ar had to make the cuts of those sections who are entitled to join and those who are not. The audition piece taught the students are those routines that they actually used in the presentation.

The sections are grouped into their specific times to practice the steps. After a week of training the basic steps for the auditions, the professors decided the participants by deciding which groups had their movements close to synchronization. At the end of the auditions, only nine sections were qualified. The actual practice lasting for a month and a half was conducted in their respective classes first.

As January came, the sections are called to practice together under the heat of the sun in the open field of the university. At that point the routines are carefully scrutinized by the professors through the help of Professor Lordinio Vergara, the head of Center for Sports Development. Liftings and props were made into use three weeks before the actual performance  so as to be counted along with the earlier routines for insertion. Two weeks before the competition proper, the participants are excused from their classes because an excuse letter signed by the heads Dr. Salve A. Favila of the Department of Physical Education and Dr. Lordinio Vergara are forwarded to the respective professors excusing them and wishing their success in this event. The group had the chance to do their general rehearsal in the open field of PUP for two different days – one for the rehearsal and the other for the technical preparation to be put into the area fittingly and accordingly.


Drawing from last year’s controversy on the concocted win of Rizal Technological University opposed to PNU garnered various violent reactions to both communities after the event and even in social media like Facebook and Youtube. Many people who have watched the performances of PNU and RTU have varied views on whose team deserved to win the title. Rumors about RTU paying the judges for them to win the title made the fury of those who supported PNU rise. However, the issue was addressed stating that RTU really ruled out and the judges’ decision was final and absolute. Now that the issue had been cleared and settled, both teams faced each other with camaraderie as they competed again for the prize.


Looking back at this season’s SCUAA field demonstration event, it shows the character of a true PNUan – creative, hardworking yet humble amidst the accolades. The win of the Freshmen made each PNUan not just proud with what they are but also of their origins as people of the society.. In the next season, the PNU will again deliver a performance that nobody could ever forget.

Indeed, the very concept of farmers and fishermen harvesting the fruit after their hardships could well be attributed to the freshmen reaping the championship after sweats, efforts and time pressure minus the literal rainfall that could have hindered them from being on top.


Interview with Prof. Joanna RoseBurgos and Prof. Ivy Joy Capunitan

Scuaa facebook fan page account


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